About Us

Zero Impact Solutions ZIS Global Enterprise Renewable Energy Solutions
Zero Impact Solutions (ZIS) is a one-stop shop provider of Enterprise Global Renewable Energy Solutions. Our mission is to add value to your business through custom-tailored green energy solutions.
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Why Choose Us

At Zero Impact Solutions, we evaluate your business needs and encompass all areas of environmentally friendly and profitable solutions and tie them to your backend. From Solar Panels to Electrical Vehicle (EV) Chargers and Power Storage Solutions to Water saving strategies, we create an entire green ecosystem catered to your environment.
With over 600 programs nationwide and 10 Billion dollars in rebates and incentives, Zero Impact Solutions thrive on your financial savings from installation to operation, including Hardware, Construction, and Operation. These rebates and incentives are in place for you, and we make sure you benefit from them.
We simply specialize in not only saving you money, but also creating long term revenues from our green solutions, be it from Utilities or EV charging, our goal is to create a permanent financially sound and profitable operation where saving the planet comes with incentives.

How Can We Help You

Electrical Vehicle Chargers services Icon Zero Impact Solutions ZIS

Electrical Vehicle Charging

ZIS provides EV charging platforms to cater for EV's in the parking lot while generating additional revenues for the business.
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Fleet Electrification services Icon Zero Impact Solutions ZIS

Fleet Electrification

ZIS partners with several government agencies, technology companies and service providers to provide an end to end solution for organizations wanting to undertake this transition from fossil fuels into electrically powered Vehicles.
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Solar Panels services Icon Zero Impact Solutions ZIS

Solar Systems and Microgrids

ZIS provides solar systems on various surfaces to generate electricity directly from the sun and offset the utility bill.
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Energy Storage services Icon Zero Impact Solutions ZIS

Energy Storage

ZIS provides energy storage systems creating redundancy in case of outages and maximizing electricity revenues.
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Hydroponic Farming services Icon Zero Impact Solutions ZIS

Hydroponic Farming

ZIS offers Hardware and Software solutions in LiveCube : This is a modular vertical hydroponic system designed to grow over 200 types of super-high-quality salad greens, micro-greens, and strawberries!
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Rain Water Collection services Icon Zero Impact Solutions ZIS

Rain Water Collection

ZIS provides Rainwater collection and Greywater systems for landscaping and other areas to reduce water consumption.
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Green Financing services Icon Zero Impact Solutions ZIS

Green Financing

ZIS finances all of the above solutions through government backed loans and programs for the enterprise.
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